Appellate Practice

Mr. DiRuzzo has extensive appellate experience having litigated over forty federal appeals. Mr. DiRuzzo has particpated in over twenty appellate oral arguments appearing before esteemed jurists such as Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter, David J. Barron (1st Cir.), Jose A. Cabranes (2nd Cir.), Thomas M. Hardiman (3rd Cir.), Dennis W. Shedd (4th Cir.), William J. Riley (8th Cir.), M. Margaret McKeown (9th Cir.), and Adalberto J. Jordan (11th Cir.), to name but a few.

While regularly handling criminal appeals, DiRuzzo & Company also litigates civil appeals. Mr. DiRuzzo has briefed and argued civil tax, bank secrecy act, intervention, preliminary injunction, and federal trade act cases across the country.

In addition to providing full service white collar criminal defense practice, Mr. DiRuzzo handles criminal appeals for his clients. Mr. DiRuzzo has been certified by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization as an expert - a "Board Certified Specialist" ("BCS") - in the field of Criminal Appellate Law. There are approximately 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and Mr. DiRuzzo is one of the less than 60 that are board certified in Criminal Appellate Law. Board Certification required Mr. DiRuzzo to pass a separate examination administered by the Florida Bar and undergo peer review for competence and professionalism in the practice of law.

Mr. DiRuzzo has litigated appellate criminal cases involving a wide range of topics including criminal tax, bankruptcy fraud, securities fraud, bribery, insider trading, constitutional violations, criminal forfeiture and restitution, U.S. Sentencing Guideline errors, collateral attacks, and writs of habeas corpus.

In addition to litigating appeals, DiRuzzo & Company also supports trial counsel. Mr. DiRuzzo is able to effectively research complex legal issues in order to present them to the trial court and ensure that every issue that a cases presents is properly preserved for appellate review. In the heat of battle it is easy for trial counsel to lose sight of the appeal - Mr. DiRuzzo makes sure that does not happen.